Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications

The Samsung fans are excited about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and this year, Samsung promised us to give something interesting #thenextgalaxy. And if you look on the Galaxy S6 specs that have been leaked, then you would find, Samsung is going to launch a flagship of 2015 in form of S6. But here starts a new chapter, the next flagship, which is a year away from now. The leaks and concept are not limited to the S6, but also the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs are being leaked or rumoured.

Galaxy S7 specs

Just few weeks ago Samsung announced the launch of new processor made at 12nm manufacturing scale and in the last week of Feb, Samsung confirmed about the 10nm manufacturing scale processor, already as per the statements 12nm scale chips would be more efficient and it would not only improve the speed of the device but also the battery life. And yes, if you are relating these latest chips with the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs then you would not be wrong, because these processor would definitely be powering the future generation Samsung smartphone as you know, Samsung primary smartphone series is Samsung Galaxy S, so this could definitely be the part of the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs.

Galaxy S7 specs

The other rumours about the next flagship states that, in the specifications of #thenextgalaxy we could see the 4K resolution display, while few manufactures have controversy about increasing the resolution beyond the 2K resolution. Because it directly affects the battery life, but if you remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display of full HD and Galaxy Note 4 display of 2K resolution, out of these two Note 4 2K resolution display wins the match of colors and efficiency. So, you can relate that, Samsung could actually make the 4K display panels with advanced colors and efficiency but is there any such need? Well, at present no such need. And Samsung is always playing with numbers on the paper and we could see the 4K display as the vital part of the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs because it would attract the people for sure. And another good thing would be, its bigger window area that results in running several windows at same screen.

Galaxy S7 specs

Samsung has just started supplying the 4GB DDR4 mobile RAM modules and first of them would be implemented in the Note 5 and later, more advanced and more memory 6GB RAM could power the functional memory of the #thenextgalaxy S7. Well, there are other rumours too, that we would be disclosing very soon, so stay tuned to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs, we would be coming soon with something interesting that would blow your mind regarding the next generation smartphone specifications.

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