Galaxy S7 Rising Sandstone of Samsung

March 2015 is most important for all the Samsung smartphones because the most awaited smartphone of Samsung the Samsung Galaxy S6 is launched and ready to follow the success path of Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If you are already aware about the Samsung Galaxy S series, since past few years, every year we see a new verdict smartphone in the same series. As you know S6 is just announced and about to release but the smartphone of 2016 the Samsung Galaxy S7 is already revealed with the massive set of rumours.

Galaxy S7 concept image

Samsung fans has set their highest peak of expectations for the Galaxy S7 and yes already launched Samsung S6 is the technology marble. Already, Samsung is following the latest technology innovations in their smartphones. On the next face of the coin, as we said Galaxy S7 news and rumours have started rolling on the web. And there is good news for all the Android fans that Samsung might announce the Galaxy S7 in the December 2015 and the Galaxy S7 release date to be occur in the Jan 2016 as according to the market forecasters. Yes, you have to wait for almost a year from now.

Galaxy S7 rotatory camera

Galaxy S7 release date

Like it happens in case of Apple, talking about a gadget releasing after a year or two, doesn’t sound nonsense and similar is going with the Samsung. And if talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date then it will surely happen in the early 2015 and might announced by December 2015. This means you would able to see this phone by the end of 2015. The launch of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, proved that we would see the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge too, next year.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 release date – December 2015?
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – December 2015?
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 release date – March 2015

In past year, Samsung growth rate was not as of 2013 or 2012 and the reason is only the competition and change that end user are looking for. Although, Samsung is launching several devices in a month or two gap, but the good portion of profit earned by Samsung, comes from the flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the flagship of 2015 and launching another flagship in the lineup Galaxy S, in 2015 only that’s also a question for Samsung. But if the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date to happen by this year then it would be double fun for the Samsung fans and also for the Samsung itself. Like, in the early 2014 we saw the Galaxy S5 and later in December the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus. The approach is similar to the Apple iPhone series but launching two flagships in an year could also bring more profits.


But again we would like to mention the possibilities for the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date are in favour of 2016 early months.

Galaxy S7 Specs and Features

In the passed year 2014, Samsung got lots of patents for the new microchips that would be part of future generation Samsung devices out of which one is already announced LDDR4 8GB memory modules which would correspond to the 4GB RAM. And now next level LDDR4 memory chips are being created at lower nano scale, this mean within few months Samsung would develop the 6GB RAM module. And guess what, it would be powering the Samsung Galaxy S7 specs for sure. And the Galaxy S7 feature won’t end here at the more memory; the more processing would also be the red feature of Samsung S7. Already, we have a rumor for Note 5 that it would be first to have the Exynos 7X range chipset from Samsung that carries 8-Core in the configuration of little.Big.BIGGER HMP cyclone technology.

If you don’t know about the cyclone HMP technology, the same tech was used in the latest Apple iPhone chipset. The story of Samsung’s powerful chip is extended by the news that it would be supporting the 6 instructions per cycle, which would make the performance of Galaxy S7 two times faster than that of 3-instruction 64-bit processor of Galaxy S6. (yet to be revealed)

Every year Smartphone is taking a good shape in terms of technology or design, and Samsung is the display manufacturing giant and innovation in the Galaxy S7 display is of course expected. The flexible display rumors are rolling with every launch in the Galaxy S series device, but who knows if Samsung Galaxy S7 display would be flexible. If not then one thing is sure; the 4K-resolution display would definitely be the part of the Samsung S7 display configuration.

Google is planning another launch of  a massive smartphone of the year 2018, well you will have to wait a bit until October as Google Pixel 3 will rise.

For smartphone industry, the battery life is always a challenge and slowly the revolution is coming to this part of the phone too, for example the fast charge technique. But the users are still not very convinced. For your information, Samsung is testing such technique in the secret technology mines of Korea. And Galaxy S7 battery would of course the most revolutionary with its surprising quantity and ultimate fast charging technique.

  • Octa-core Snapdragon processor 3.0+ GHz or Exynos 16-core big.LITTLE
  • 4K resolution amazing display or foldable display
  • 4GB RAM for blazing and flawless experience
  • 20 MP front camera sensor with rotatory system
  • Very advanced Touch ID button and retina scan
  • Ultimate charging time with fast charging technology

Galaxy S7

More information, coming soon!

In past 5 years, a new thing that has arrived in the hands of people is none other than the smartphone. And big brands like Samsung have made it possible. And a big credit goes to the revolutionary smartphones of Samsung Galaxy S series and more smartphone in the series to come soon. Exactly the Samsung Galaxy S7 would do for Samsung, for the fans better technology and innovation and for the Samsung more profits. The smartphone market is going like a wave, for someone more profitable and popular, for example the last Galaxy S5 was not that impressive and now Galaxy S6 is replacing all the problems and later more advanced the Samsung Galaxy S7.

There is lot more to discover with time for our flagship the Samsung Galaxy S7. But it would take time, more rumours and News to come soon. And here we would update all, so stay tuned for more. Do subscribe to get latest updates into your mailbox. Moreover, as you know sharing is caring. We would care for you’re by launching new Galaxy S7 concept images and news, and you share our posts in FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. And your comments are the mirror for your fan-ship for Samsung; Galaxy S7 would be the killer phone for sure.

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  1. I am using Samsung S Series Hand Set & Tablet after Nokia’s Departure. I am very Satisfied with Samsung’s Performance. But from S6, Samsung stopped Micro SD Card which is NOT what I want. If S7 comes with Micro SD, then I shall Purchase S& else my Answer is NO.

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